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Digestion & Nutrition – Conditions Treated

Our process of healing is your path to wellness:

Remove | Replace | Reinoculate | Repair

remove possible allergenic foods & pathogens

replace digestive enzymes and normalize stomach acids

reinoculate with beneficial bacteria for intestinal immune support

repair the intestinal lining


Food allergies are caused by an immune reaction to a food-based protein. We are able to test for all three reactions:

IgG – food sensitivities – months-years
IgA – food allergies, next most severe – days-weeks
IgE – severe and immediate immune response – extreme allergic reaction

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on Food Allergies

on Gluten Intolerance

We can test for hundreds of different foods and allergens.


  • Over 90 general foods
  • Over 90 vegetarian foods
  • Spice and herb panel
  • Inhalant panel
  • Comprehensive Gluten & Celiac testing

Our standard test:

The allergy food panel tests 96 of the most common foods. It is a highly accurate blood test that tests for IgE, IgG and IgA based food allergies.

Here is a sample report: Standard Food Panel

Based on the results, we can formulate a treatment strategy to heal your digestive system and mediate your food allergies and sensitivities.