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Address These 3 Things to Improve Your Quality of Life

quality of life

How many times have you thought: If I could just feel better life would be better? Getting to that “feel better” spot doesn’t have to be an uphill battle riddled with medications and doctor visits and tests that all add up to nothing. Balance can be achieved through a holistic approach to natural and instinctive healing. Balance is the key to true health and wellness.

If you have the desire to improve your quality of life but you just don’t know how, begin by addressing these three things:

Your Digestion

Is your gut troubling you after every meal and in between? When you have a compromised digestive system, your immune system can suffer, not to mention your self-esteem. Your ability to live your daily life as you want will be affected – work, play, intimacy, every level of your existence can be a slave to a digestive disorder.

Your Hormones

Libido can decline with age because of hormonal changes, for both men and women. This shift, however, is not permanent and it is not a given. Some adults maintain a healthy libido throughout their lifetime – it’s made possible when the body’s hormones work in harmony.

Imbalanced hormones can cause weight gain, mental health problems, high blood pressure, and more. If even one hormone isn’t working properly, the others will be affected. And your libido won’t be the only thing to take the hit.

Your Weight

Your weight is not just a number on the scale, it’s a digit that affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Why are you gaining weight? Why are you not losing weight? Why are you stuck at one weight when you’re exercising and trying to eat right?

Being overweight is the bane of many a person’s existence. You may only be a few pounds past your target weight, or you may have far too many pounds in the wrong direction. This heft not only interferes with your appearance, but your overall well-being.

If your weight isn’t the right number for your body type, age, and level of activity, something else is going on. What’s getting in the way of you being the weight you want? Is it a lack of willpower, or a thyroid problem? Is it a sweet tooth, or a digestion problem? Is it something else entirely?

Choose a Holistic Approach to Wellness

Do you feel like you’re handcuffed to the drugs you’re taking for one condition or another? Relying on pharmaceuticals does not give you the room to feel and experience your body or determine what your body naturally needs to heal itself.

You may be doing everything right, but a comprehensive nutritional evaluation is one of the few things that can truly provide insight into what’s not working for your body and what’s causing you so much discomfort.

Every person’s system is unique. There is not one pill that fixes your hormonal imbalance or weight gain or digestive problems. A customized holistic treatment looks at your lifestyle and identifies the right hormonal balance for long-term good health.

Give your body permission to heal. You deserve a good, healthy, balanced life. Contact Ann Arbor Holistic Health to schedule your consultation and learn more about targeted holistic health treatments.