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5 Facts About Hashimoto’s Disease

When your body’s antibodies wage war on your thyroid gland, it causes the autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto’s disease. Living with this condition is exhausting, draining, and can feel insurmountable. This attack on your thyroid, however, can be overcome with holistic care and support.

1. Hashimoto’s disease changes its form.

Hashimoto’s disease begins as hyperthyroidism. The chronic inflammation that results from the immune system’s attack of the thyroid gland makes the gland leak and the body experiences excess thyroid hormones. Over time, however, the inflammation prevents the thyroid gland from producing enough hormones, and that leads to hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid gland.

2. Symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease can mimic other ailments.

Sometimes doctors overlook or misdiagnose Hashimoto’s disease because they’re focused on the symptoms: chronic fatigue, sensitivity to cold, unexplained weight gain, depression, muscle and joint pain. These problems could be indicators of other illnesses. When examined as a whole, however, and accompanied by thorough blood and allergy testing, these symptoms are at the root of Hashimoto’s disease.

3. You don’t always need drugs or hormones to fix Hashimoto’s disease.

In traditional medicine, the quick fix for a thyroid problem is often medication or synthetic hormones. For people who are already suffering from other health conditions or taking more pills than they would like, the addition of even more substances into their already out-of-whack system is daunting – and this solution is not necessarily the right one, or long-term. Changes in nutrition and lifestyle are the natural way to realign your system so you can truly feel better – permanently.

4. Hashimoto’s disease affects body and mind.

If your doctor tells you they’ve done all the testing possible and you’re completely fine but you know deep down that something isn’t right, you’re not crazy. Don’t let anyone tell you that what your feeling is all in your head. Hashimoto’s disease, like all thyroid and autoimmune conditions, can be baffling and difficult to identify. But once the source of your unwellness is diagnosed, it will become clear why you are experiencing both physical and mental distress.

5. You can beat Hashimoto’s disease.

Though you may be discouraged by the imposing-sounding name of Hashimoto’s disease, this autoimmune disorder can be overcome. You can regain your energy, vibrancy, and overall good health when you work with a holistic health expert who diagnoses you properly and treats you from the inside out. Targeting the thyroid gland alone is not the path to healing – your whole body must be balanced and, with the right customized holistic plan and ongoing support, you can feel like yourself again.

Wellness Begins in Your Gut

It’s important to go beyond the basic thyroid blood tests common to traditional medicine to properly check for Hashimoto’s disease. Allergy testing, a diagnosis of digestive problems, and examinations for other autoimmune conditions are critical to accurate diagnosis and healing.

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