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Are you sick of one-size-fits-all medicine? Traditional methods not working? Find out how our holistic approach can transform your health.

How it works

The Ann Arbor Holistic Health method prioritizes support where it’s needed most to get the fastest results. Clients who commit to following their personalized program typically experience a significant reduction in symptoms within the first month. As you make progress, we adjust your plan along with you. Most clients continue to see improvements throughout the duration of the program and beyond.

Free Consult & Evaluation

Book a free online or in-person Consultation & Evaluation. It gives you an opportunity to talk in depth about your health concerns with one of our specially trained practitioners and get a next-step recommendation on the spot. 

Results-Driven Care

We prioritize your care to address imbalances, support areas that are struggling, and adjust your plan as we go based on your individual progress and needs.

Getting In-Depth & Personal

Our targeted testing uncovers the root causes behind your symptoms that allows us to co-create a personalized plan based on your results, history, lifestyle, and goals.

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Everyone deserves to know they can improve their own health and wellbeing.

Tired of being tired? Symptoms do not exist separately from the rest of our bodies. They arise when the body has exhausted its reserves and can no longer compensate for the demands of your life. Resolving those symptoms can be simple, often times it is not. The most important question about your health is: What is stopping your body from healing? 

Welcome to Ann Arbor Holistic Health where we offer a comprehensive holistic approach to helping people facilitate the natural & instinctive healing process of the human body. Through the use of supportive eating lifestyles, enzyme nutrition, herbal nutrition, supplements, and natural hormone balancing we support pain management, women’s health, infertility, chronic conditions, and metabolic disorders.

A complete approach to wellness will give your entire body what it needs to mend & thrive.

Please call Ann Arbor Holistic Health for a Free Consultation & Evaluation to begin your journey of healing today.

Why choose Ann Arbor Holistic Health?

Comprehensive and results-driven programs uncover the root causes behind health issues and develop ultra-personalized care plans. 
The result? The healthiest you possible.

weight loss

Functional Approach to Your Health Care

Rather than focusing on symptoms, we dig deeper to uncover the root causes behind them. This allows us to address not only the physical ailment, but also nutritional deficiencies, stress levels, lifestyle choices, and more.

Personalized and Unique

You are uniquely you. We really take the time to learn about you... from detailed health history to in-depth lab tests and 1-on-1 conversations. Doctors give you 7-15 minutes. We give you an hour – because no two people are the same.

Support to the Nth Degree

Our biggest goal is to take care of clients in a way they've never been taken care of before. We deliver with continuous 1-on-1 support including a customized roadmap, tips, recipes, recommendations, cheerleading & reference materials… you name it. Literally.

Do you want to continue to medicate your symptoms… or actually get better?

Gut Health & Nutrition

“Leaky gut” can be the real problem behind food sensitivities, inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, thyroid disease, skin conditions and more.

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Hormone Issues

Did you think puberty was the only time your hormones ruled your life? Balance your hormones. Optimize your life. Get well and stay well.

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Reproductive Health & Fertility

Join the hundreds of couples we’ve helped restore their fertility and get pregnant naturally.

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Autoimmune Conditions

Get your body working for you again – Changes to nutrition and lifestyle can help you lower your antibodies & start feeling great again.

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Allergies, Histamine & Gluten Intolerance

Most people are not born with their food allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances – they’re acquired.

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Thyroid Health

You may have an undiagnosed thyroid problem even if your standard blood test results came back as “normal”.

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Weight Management

Quick fixes are never the long-term answer but our whole-body approach is. Lose weight with a customized plan.

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Diabetes & Blood Sugar Balance

Stabilize glucose without medication to manage or even prevent a diabetes diagnosis.

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Candida & Chronic Infections

Linked to an increasing number of conditions, Candida overgrowth can exhaust your immune system.

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Adrenal Fatigue

You may not show any physical signs of being unwell, but your body will feel taxed and wiped out.

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Personalized health care from the roots up.