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I honestly didn’t believe my stomach issues could be fixed but AAHH resolved them all. My practitioner was kind, reassuring, and knowledgeable about everything. Not only did she guide me to recovery, but she also taught me lots of new things. I highly recommend Ann Arbor Holistic Health!
- Lisa D

Finally... the personalized care you deserve.

Health care should never be one-size-fits-all. And healing is not found on a prescription pad. At Ann Arbor Holistic Health, our goal is to help you get as healthy as possible as quickly as possible.

Online or In-person

Choose the convenience of online sessions or come into our Ann Arbor, MI office.  Either way, you’ll have our undivided attention for 45+ minutes.

No stone unturned

A thorough investigation of your health history including prior test results. 

Find root causes

Advanced lab tests to find out what’s behind the issues you’re dealing with.

Custom Wellness Plan

A personalized & prioritized action plan based on your exact biochemistry.

Continuous support

Questions answered whenever you need answers, not just when you have an appointment.

Exceptional care

Our goal is to take care of our clients at a level they’ve never been taken care of before. 

Whole-body health

No tunnel-vision here, we consider everything happening in your whole body.

Team collaboration

Weekly team case reviews means every client benefits from the expertise of our entire clinical team.

Holistic Living Made Easy

Tips, Tricks + Easy Household Swaps


We’re not a traditional health system and you’re not a case number on a file folder – we’re with you every step of the way because your health matters to us. Each practitioner on our small team has personally battled with severe health challenges. We’ve been in your shoes. And that’s why we’re endlessly committed to helping you get healthy. 

There’s no 3-month wait for your next appointment. You’ll meet with your practitioner twice a month. 

  • No more unanswered questions or results that mean nothing to you – we’re here whenever you need us and we provide all the guidance and resources you need. 
  • No more disappearing voicemails or email – we respond to every message in a timely manner.
  • No more “normal” results – we find root causes and healing opportunities for every client.

Expect the best, and you’ll get it. Ongoing 1-on-1 support means you get the attention you deserve every time. No more saving up your questions for your next appointment where you get 5 minutes to not be listened to. You touch base with your practitioner every other week and have access to them for any questions that come up in between sessions. Ultra-specific food plans, exercise recommendations that fit your current health, recipes and meal planning ideas, adjustment to your supplement protocol… whatever you need for success.

We combine advanced lab tests with comprehensive holistic functional nutrition methods to optimize your health and help correct the underlying imbalances. We’re experts, not specialists – which means we look at ALL of the little things that factor into your overall health to connect all the dots holistically.

Our practitioners possess numerous qualifications. Each practitioner’s unique qualifications are noted in our About page. Our entire practitioner team meets weekly to ensure that every Ann Arbor Holistic Health client benefits from every ounce of expertise on our team.

We believe everyone has the ability to take control of their health, even if a disease has been diagnosed. Modern life is an obstacle course filled with stressors and unhealthy temptations. Health issues arise when our bodies are over-taxed and under-nourished. 

The solution is simple, and it doesn’t have to be perfect:

  1. Unravel existing dysfunction.
  2. Do enough healthy things. 
  3. Avoid enough bad things. 

We help you make the strategic shifts that help your biochemistry fall back into its best harmony. 

The majority of our clients experience a significant reduction in symptoms in the first 4-6 weeks and continue to see improvements throughout the duration of the program and beyond!

Not everyone is a candidate. We’re here to partner with you, but the truth is: your success is in your hands, and you have to be all in. Seeing your doctor is easy – after a 10-minute appointment, you walk out with a prescription in hand. You won’t get any quick fixes here because the goal is entirely different. We don’t just want to help you manage your symptoms, we seek root causes and aim for optimal health.

Absolutely, we do! We care for the entire family.

The word holistic means “dealing with the whole”. We take this seriously. Holistic medicine recognizes that your overall wellness is a blend of body, mind, and emotions – the whole person. Our clients benefit from a holistic approach, because we know your health is determined not just by your genes – but by your environment, lifestyle, and personal history as well – it’s all interconnected.

Holistic care is the most effective way to help the whole person get healthy and stay healthy.

Functional wellness is an approach that aims to identify and address the root cause of your symptoms, rather than just treating your challenges at the surface level. We utilize state-of-the-art lab testing to identify the root cause of your concerns and unique body chemistry. We can then support the areas in the body that are struggling. This is where your health concerns begin to fade away naturally.

Yes! We have clients all over the US, and internationally as well. Whether you’re local or not, we offer a seamless process of testing and care.

Yes! We are happy to meet with you in person (at our clinic in Ann Arbor, MI) or virtually (via video call).

Advanced lab testing is an important puzzle piece to getting healthy. You’ll learn which tests are right for you during your Complimentary Consultation & Evaluation. See our Services page for a list of our most-commonly-used tests.

No laboratory tests are necessary for an allergy elimination consultation.  However, if you have prior IgE, skin, or serum allergy test results, please bring copies of those reports if easily available.  Please be sure to provide any medications or nutritional supplements you are taking for your allergies.


Easy as 1-2-3! Some tests can be done right at home, and others are done at your local blood draw center. 

  1. Lab test kits are shipped directly to your home address. They include everything you need, including prepaid shipping. 
  2. Collect your sample and send it off to the lab. 
  3. Your practitioner will review all of your results with you at your Lab Review Consultation and help you make a plan for next steps. 

Of course! We’re here to help you achieve your health goals. Which means we leave no stone unturned and utilize every ounce of information you share about your health. The more information you share with us, the easier it is to reverse-engineer your health and get your body working its best.

Yes, all ages can be tested. Small infants, however, are usually tested through a surrogate, such as their mother or father.

Of course. Testing is perfectly safe for mother and baby. Our goal is to help you feel amazing and energetic, have a healthy pregnancy, a quick postpartum recovery, and a healthy baby.

True health is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why all client programs are customized to that individual’s unique needs. Investment depends on your unique situation, and this is why we offer a Complimentary Consultation & Evaluation for every client. Our most-commonly-ordered tests start around $450.

We are not able to bill insurance. In some rare cases, people have successfully submitted the cost to their insurance after the fact for reimbursement.

Flexible payment plans are available.

We offer several payment options for our programs. Please contact us to discuss.

We do not. Our recommendations are for natural supplements – vitamins, herbs, etc.

We don’t prescribe synthetic hormones like a medical doctor would. The hormones that our practitioners sometimes recommend to our clients are bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are natural compounds that closely mimic the body’s own hormones, offering a more natural and balanced approach to hormone therapy.

Yes, we can work with you if you’re taking medications.

Our programs are designed to not only address the issues that you’re experiencing but to also drastically improve your health. This has led to reducing and eliminating the need for medications for many of our clients. You must talk with your doctor so that we can work together to safely achieve these goals.

We use a whole-body approach in order to address your issues. Our programs include tailor-made recommendations that are created for your body’s specific needs, based on your symptoms, your goals, and your lab results. Recommendations for diet, exercise, stress reductions, detoxification, sleep improvement, and supplements are included in our programs.

Feel free to give us a call at 734-222-8210 or fill out this form and we’ll get everything set up for you!

If you need to reschedule or cancel your consultation, we ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice. You can do this by using the link in the confirmation email that is sent to you, emailing us at, or by calling/texting us at 734-222-8210.

Everyone deserves to know they can improve their own health and wellbeing.

In addition to our convenient online sessions, we also offer in-person visits at our Southeast Michigan office located on the west side of Ann Arbor:

Ann Arbor Holistic Health
220 Collingwood Dr., Suite 240
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday & Sunday by appointment

The team at Ann Arbor Holistic Health is here to help you.

Contact us to book a free consult + evaluation.

Actual Client Results

  • Marc lost 20 lbs in the first 2 weeks
  • 40 years of constipation vanished in 2 weeks for Brooke
  • Julia went from only 2 hours of sleep each night to a solid 8 hours
  • Emma trimmed down from a size 18 to a size 4
  • Jamar’s lifelong chronic sinus issues went away entirely
  • Claudia’s daily panic attacks stopped entirely without drugs or therapy
  • Emmitt’s Crohn’s symptoms resolved & he was able to gain weight again
  • Eight years of stiffness & body aches went away for Mary Ann
  • Leah was finally able to get pregnant naturally after her PCOS resolved
  • Liam is no longer suffering with painful nightly gas & bloating 
  • Greg’s cystic acne & eczema cleared up
  • Kim was able to eliminate several lifelong medications
These results are real results from real clients at Ann Arbor Holistic Health. We see results like this every day in our clinic. But every person is truly unique, and the journey to vitality is equally unique for everyone. For that reason, it would be unethical for us to promise any specific results to clients. Our promise is to be 100% all-in as we guide you through your transformation into the healthiest you possible.

Changing lives one root cause at a time.