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Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune condition that affects the protective covering of the nerves. The damage caused by MS interrupts the communication between brain and body, which can lead to debilitating, chronic symptoms. Many people who suffer with multiple sclerosis can find relief from their suffering and minimize the progression of the disease through personalized holistic treatment.

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis


A potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system, multiple sclerosis is when the body’s immune system attacks the protective covering of the nerves and spinal cord. This condition deteriorates the nerves, blocks the messages they’re sending, and may eventually cause permanent damage.

There are many signs and symptoms of multiple sclerosis. They vary widely and affect people differently depending on the amount of nerve damage that has been done and which nerves are affected.


multiple sclerosis


The severity of multiple sclerosis varies from person to person. Some people may be primarily symptom-free or experience long periods of remission, while others suffer from chronic problems that never go away and eventually worsen. Some MS patients lose the ability to walk independently and require a cane or crutches. Others may be unable to walk at all and need a wheelchair to be mobile.

There is no cure for multiple sclerosis. There are, however, treatments that can help an MS sufferer recovery more quickly from a flare-up, modify the path of the disease, extend the length of remission, suppress their immune system, and take control of their life-altering symptoms.


Who Is at Risk of Developing Multiple Sclerosis?


An MS diagnosis is daunting and terrifying, as the disease has a reputation for ravaging bodies. Whether someone will suffer from this condition is difficult to predict, but many believe that genetics and environmental factors play a dual role.

  • Women are more likely to have MS.
  • People can develop MS at any age, but most often between the ages of 16 and 55.
  • If a parent or sibling has MS, you are at a higher risk.
  • Caucasians are at the highest risk of developing MS.
  • Some viruses have been linked to MS, like Epstein-Barr, the virus that causes mono.
  • Anyone with an existing autoimmune condition, like thyroid disease or diabetes or inflammatory bowel disease, is at a higher risk of developing MS.

Rather than allow MS to have its way with them, many people do everything they can to defy the disease and its progression, and that includes holistic therapy.


Holistic Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple sclerosis is a disease with no end. The condition cannot be cured, but most MS patients are willing to do whatever they can to control their disease, so it doesn’t control them. With holistic intervention, it is possible for MS sufferers to live a fuller life, regardless of the limitations their autoimmune condition has forced upon them.

Thorough blood tests are at the start of holistic therapy for any autoimmune condition. It may not be only the nerves that are under attack for an MS patient – the autoimmune system is affected by many factors within your body. The digestive system is often the root of health problems. Changes in diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and level of movement can make the difference for many sufferers of chronic disease.

No one wants their body to have a say over their quality of life, but anyone suffering with an autoimmune condition knows they are always at risk of attack at any time. The holistic health experts at Ann Arbor Holistic Health create customized treatment plans to give sufferers of autoimmune conditions an arsenal of tools to help you fight your condition and ease its symptoms.

Our goal is to remove the triggers that are exacerbating your multiple sclerosis, so you still have a say over how you live your life. Contact Ann Arbor Holistic Health in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to schedule your appointment with our holistic health team.