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Digestion & Nutrition – Frequently Asked Questions

Can all ages be tested?
Yes, all ages can be tested. Small infants, however, are usually tested through a surrogate, such as their mother or father.

Can you be tested if you are pregnant?
Yes you can. Testing is perfectly safe for mother and baby.

What laboratory tests do I need? 
No laboratory tests are necessary for your allergy elimination consultation.  However, if you have prior IgE, skin, or serum allergy test results, please bring copies of those reports if easily available.  Please be sure to bring any medications or nutritional supplements you are taking for your allergies.

How long will a patient be free of any allergy or intolerance once it has been removed?
It requires only 1 to 4 sessions to clear an allergy or an intolerance. About 80-85% of intolerances are cleared the first session. However, depending on the stress level of the patient, strength of the immune system, and the client’s level of hydration, the other 15-20% may require a second, third or even a forth session. Once the intolerance is removed, it is removed permanently, without requiring yearly visits.

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