Holistic Healthcare services

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Ann Arbor Holistic Health offers a holistic approach to facilitate the natural and instinctive healing process of the human body. With comprehensive blood, saliva and stool testing, we strive to find the underlying cause of your symptoms and resolve them by treating the whole body. 

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Conditions Treated

-Acid Reflux
-Asthma & Bronchitis
-Autoimmune Conditions
-Chronic Fatigue
-Crohn's Disease
-Depression & Anxiety
-Digestive Disorders
-Gastrointestinal Disorders
-Grave's Disease
-Hashimoto's Disease

-Hormonal Challenges
-Migraines & Headaches
-Multiple Sclerosis
-Musculoskeletal Pain
-Sinus Problems
-Thyroid Conditions
-Type 2 Diabetes
-Ulcerative Colitis
-Unexplained Weight Gain


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