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Is Diabetes Getting in the Way of the Life You Want?

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No one wants a health problem to define who they are, but diabetes can truly test this conviction. Diabetics often feel like a slave to their condition. You’re married to your meds, suffer sometimes debilitating side effects, and feel restricted from enjoying everything in life that you want. Getting effective treatment and support and staying focused can help prevent diabetes from being in charge, 24/7.

The Mental Game of Diabetes

For those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes, it’s easy to feel defeated. People who are pre-diabetic or who have risk factors are sometimes more motivated to pursue avenues that will keep them healthy and away from a firm diabetes diagnosis. Whatever category you fit into, diabetes is as much a mental struggle as a physical one.

If you are a diabetic, diabetes does not define you. Yes, you must focus harder than the non-diabetic when it comes to diet and exercise. Yes, you must check your insulin regularly. Perhaps you have medications to take. If you are a pre-diabetic, you can potentially avoid the duty to check your insulin and rely on prescriptions.

Diabetes sufferer who thrive regardless of their diagnosis think of their condition as an opportunity instead of a restriction. Everyone wants to be healthier and happier. Diabetes can make you aware of the effort it takes to be fully healthy and encourages you to do the very best for yourself, your body, and overall wellness. Getting to this state of mind, however, is not always easy, and it’s not always something that people feel they can succeed at on their own.

Acknowledging the Need for Change

There are so many medications available to help manage diabetes. The overabundance of these pharmaceuticals, however, does not mean there’s a perfect one in the bunch. In fact, most diabetes medications are accompanied by undesirable side effects. Even though they may help regulate blood glucose, this perk can come with a price of weight gain, swelling, heart disease, high cholesterol, and digestive disorders.

One of the biggest misjudgments a diabetes sufferer can make is thinking that because they’re now on medication they can continue to live the way they always have, even if that includes a poor diet, not much exercise, or other bad habits. Diabetes meds are not miracle workers. Yes, they can manage some of your symptoms, but if you truly want to take charge of this disease, making major lifestyle changes is at the root of change.

You’re working to do more than just learn to live with diabetes, you’re working to beat it. Without facing diabetes head on and shifting your behaviors, you open yourself up to some of the worst side effects of diabetes – slow-healing wounds, amputation, blindness.

With the support of the holistic specialists at Ann Arbor Holistic Health, you can enter a targeted diabetes therapy program that teaches you how to eat well, move often, and balance your life. Think about the magic of being able to minimize your diabetes symptoms or to delay the onset of diabetes or prevent it entirely. Contact us today to get started on the road to your good life.