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Has Traditional Medicine Failed You?

Living with a chronic condition has many side effects, from pain to exhaustion to anxiety and depression. The worst side effect, however, is realizing that your doctor isn’t helping you. Maybe you have been through a battery of tests, only to be told that it’s all in your head, only to be given yet another prescription that isn’t helping you, only to feel like you still don’t have answers. Holistic healthcare is the answer and solution you’ve been seeking.

Do You Have a Chronic Condition?

It’s possible that you have been misdiagnosed so many times that you’re not even sure what health condition you’re suffering with. Some of the most common chronic conditions that go undiagnosed or improperly diagnosed include:

  • Thyroid conditions: An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can cause problems throughout your body, throwing doctors off from an accurate diagnosis. Insufficient blood tests can also lead to a dismissal of thyroid issues, which leaves patients still feeling unwell and still suspecting that their thyroid is indeed to blame for how they’re feeling.
  • Gastrointestinal problems: Your gut has everything to do with how you feel and how healthy you are. When there are problems with your gastrointestinal system, your immune system will be negatively affected and make you more susceptible to not only all the uncomfortable gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation that can come with an unbalanced gut, but also skin problems, mental health conditions, respiratory complications, and more. Leaky gut is a major culprit of feeling unwell and plays a major role in chronic conditions.
  • Anxiety and depression: Have you tried more pharmaceuticals than you ever thought possible to try and combat a mood disorder? If all you feel is overmedicated and still filled with anxiety and depression, your doctors may be out of answers. They just want to give you more drugs to try. Mental health issues can certainly be helped with the right meds but, for many people, it’s lifestyle alterations that will truly contribute to making them feel lighter, more hopeful, and simply better.

Get the Real Healthcare You Need with Holistic Healing

Holistic healing methods go beyond the basics. Not only is blood testing a major component of a proper diagnosis, a holistic specialist also looks at the symptoms you’re exhibiting to determine how lifestyle and environmental factors are affecting your well-being.

Holistic healing is a return to basics. What are you eating? How are you moving? Where are you taking up space? These are all lifestyle choices and they all contribute to your body’s wellness, or lack thereof. Knowing that you can make changes is one thing – knowing you have the support to keep these life adjustments going is another.

With an accurate diagnosis and proper help and caring, you can overcome a chronic condition and live a fulfilled and happy life that is free of pain, suffering, and sadness. Doctors provide a certain standard of care, but many are unwilling to perform or disbelieving of more detailed testing that will allow you to really find out what’s going on within your body.

Contact the holistic health specialists at Ann Arbor Holistic Health. Together we will find out what’s interrupting your life, find balance, and establish a sustainable lifestyle.