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January 2017: The Rising Toll: U.S. Death Rates Increase

December 2016: New Developments In Breast Cancer

November 2016: Is Coffee Good For You?

September 2016: Magnesium Deficiency

August 2016: A World Free of Cancer

July 2016: Leaky Gut Syndrome: Origins, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

June 2016: The Rise of Food-borne Illnesses in America

May 2016: Yes, You Can Predict the Future

April 2016: When Cancer Hits Home: Finding a Path When None Exists

March 2016:  If Living Healthy is so Important to Longevity, Why Do Some Unhealthy People Live so Long?

February 2016: Histamine Intolerance: When Allergies Get Out of Hand

January 2016: Toxins in Modern Day Farming: What Your Food Labels Aren’t Telling You

December 2015: Red Meat Isn’t Bad for You

November 2015: The Calcium Lie–How Much is Enough?

October 2015: Why Coconut Oil is a Superfood

September 2015: Some Things to Consider When it Comes to Cancer; My Personal Experience

August 2015: Everyone Needs Protein; But Not All Protein is the Same

July 2015: Adrenal Exhaustion: When Stress Becomes Something More

June 2015: Why Apple Cider Vinegar is a Superfood

May 2015: Artificial Sweeteners–A Double Edged Sword?

April 2015: Vaccines: The Pros and Cons

February 2015: You Get What You Pay For—Major Retailers Misinform

January 2015: A Death that was Completely Preventable

December 2014: How to Include Carbs Into Your Diet

November 2014: How Low of a Low Carb Diet is Correct for You?

October 2014: Medications, Placebo, the Right Words: What works best?

September 2014: What’s the Deal With Sugar?

July 2014: Are Xylitol, Sorbitol, and Other Sugar Alcohols Safe Replacements For Sugar? 

June 2014: Does it Matter if a Sweetener is “Natural”?

May 2014: From Birth Our Microbes Become a Personal Finger Print

April 2014: If Big Business Owns Most of the Organic Food Industry

March 2014: The Adrenal Glands: The Body’s Alarm System

February 2014: What Fats Do & Why We Should Eat more!

January 2 2014: A Closer Look at the Impact of Food, Nutrition & Health

January1 2014: Find Out How Healthy You Are

December 2013: Allergy Cures

November 2013: Food Safety Risks

October 2013: Fish Oil

September 2013: Carb Restriction

August 2013: Food Toxins

July 2013: Cholesterol

June 2013: Calcium

May 2013: Epigenetics

April 2013: Chemicals & Cancer

March 2013: Autism

February2013: Paleo 2

January 2013: Paleo

December 2012: Gluten

November 2012: Flu Vaccinations

Sept/Oct 2012: Soy Dangers

August 2012: Heart Healthy – Cholesterol

July 2012: Immune System Barriers

June 2012: Why we have Food Allergies

May 2012: Cancer Treatment Alternatives

April 2012: ADD & ADHD

March 2012: Children & Food Allergies

February 2012: Epigenetics

January 2012: Probiotics

Pill Poison: Crohn’s and Colitis Drugs

December 2011: Enzyme Basics

November 2011: Leaky Gut

October 2011: Supermarkets & Healthy Eating

September 2011: Children & Food Allergies II

August 2011: Food Rules

July 2011: Children & Food Allergies

June 2011: Thyroid Health

May 2011: IBS & Food Allergies

April 2011: Enzyme Nutrition