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Celebrities with Autoimmune Conditions

Celebrities suffering with autoimmune conditions give a face to their diseases. Selma Blair has multiple sclerosis (MS). Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s disease. Tom Hanks has diabetes. Articles and interviews feature these celebs and show them learning how to live with their diagnosis. What is sometimes missing, however, is an examination of how holistic health care can help people with autoimmune conditions to live a healthier, happier life.

Giving a Face to Autoimmune Conditions

Many celebrities are vocal about the health problems they live with, whether that’s Busy Phillips revealing the true face of her anxiety on Instagram or Giuliana Rancic showing her infertility struggles on a reality TV show.

Selma Blair’s openness about her MS journey, painfully but honestly documented through social media and other outlets, is not always easy to see, read about, or imagine. But her forthrightness makes the disease seem more legitimate, more real, especially for people who love someone who is suffering from MS or another autoimmune condition, especially for people who are living with the disease themselves.

Treating Autoimmune Conditions with Holistic Care

There is no cure for multiple sclerosis as with most autoimmune conditions, and overmedicating – as many celebs have tried and shunned – is not helpful, but there are holistic methods that sufferers can welcome into their life to ease their symptoms, flares, and pain.

Holistic care supports good nutrition, productive activity, and a purging of unhealthy environmental factors to help patients with autoimmune diseases maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whatever health condition a person is suffering from, autoimmune disease or otherwise, there can be a reprieve when certain foods or environmental triggers contributing to pain or symptoms are identified and eliminated.

When the body is attacking itself, the main diagnosis is troubling enough, but many other systems in the body also go into revolt – at least it can seem that way. Sometimes, secondary conditions seem like they develop because of a primary diagnosis, when they may have existed all along.

Identifying the Source of Unwellness

The body is made of interconnected systems that all influence and affect the others. A careful examination of your blood, lifestyle, environment, and habits are necessary to customize a holistic path to your best self.

The digestive system is a powerful part of the human body and a compromised digestive system is often the source of chronic conditions like anxiety, depression, leaky gut, hypertension, skin problems, and so much more. Your body may have too little or too much of something – identifying these surpluses and deficits are the first step in developing a holistic plan that will complement any necessary medical treatment you are undergoing so you can feel as well as possible.

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