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Case Studies

How Ann Arbor Holistic Health Transforms Lives Across The Country

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We’re no strangers to amazing success stories at Ann Arbor Holistic Health! These real client experiences reflect the transformative journeys of thousands of individuals who have embraced holistic wellness to overcome health hurdles, reclaim vitality, and thrive. Each one illustrates the power of personalized care in achieving wellness goals. 

If you’re seeking a path toward improved health and well-being, we invite you to explore these inspiring accounts and take the first step in your journey towards a healthier life.

From Battling IBS to Thriving

By her mid-40s, Aaryn had experienced IBS issues for most of her life. She was also 30 pounds overweight, with a long list of uncomfortable issues including eczema, food and environmental allergies, body aches, depression, bloating, gas, asthma, and dry skin. Traditional medical guidance led to surgery and prescriptions, but no relief. After our program, she is at her ideal weight with no bloating, more energy, and greatly improved eczema. Aaryn is enjoying daily well-being and feeling the best she can!

Regaining Health, Confidence & Her Period

At 17 years old, Morgan hadn’t had a period in 3 years and was losing weight and her hair. She was also suffering from sleep and digestive issues, headaches, and skin irritations. Her self-confidence plummeted as her symptoms became overwhelming. After working with our practitioner, she implemented dietary changes, a supplement protocol, and learned the best stress management strategies for her lifestyle. Morgan now has her period again, is regaining weight, and her skin is clearing up. She also no longer has headaches or digestion problems!

From Balding & Fatigue to Hair Regrowth & Boundless Energy

Troy came to us with alopecia, severe diarrhea alternating with constipation, painful muscle cramping, and chronic fatigue. He was miserable, frustrated, and ready to give up. After working with his AAHH practitioner, he’s had a complete 180º – his hair is regrowing on his head and beard, and he has no more bald spots! His diarrhea, constipation, and muscle cramping are also gone, and now his energy is through the roof!

Age Is Just A Number: Regaining Independence

In her mid-80s, May was suffering with many symptoms, including urgent urination, acid reflux, and digestion difficulties, and she was struggling to walk without the assistance of a walker. She was discouraged by other practitioners, who felt her advanced age meant she was no longer a candidate for intervention or improvement. After working with our team, May has more energy, no more bathroom emergencies, no more reflux, and her digestion has improved. The best part? She can now walk 1 to 3 miles a day without her walker – something some thought would never be possible!

Tackling PCOS & Welcoming a Growing Family

Gretchen came to us with a diagnosis of PCOS and irregular periods with months in between cycles. When she did have a period, she suffered from heavy cramping and so much bleeding that she required transfusions. She also experienced multiple devastating pregnancy losses. Her Ann Arbor Holistic Health practitioner uncovered food sensitivities and imbalances in her thyroid, as well as mold in her house. After our program, her OB/GYN told her she had the fertility of a 25 year old. (She was 40!) Gretchen now has a beautiful daughter and Baby #2 on the way.

Overcoming Gut Issues & Stress Before Wedding Day

As a young, very sick woman, Ann was on the verge of canceling her upcoming wedding out of desperation. She was living with gut problems and overwhelming stress that led her to three other holistic health practitioners with no progress. Thankfully, Ann found AAHH and began a comprehensive program with one of our practitioners. They tackled her gut problems and worked on mindset issues that were holding her back. Ann began the healing process and called our practitioner a “life saver.” The wedding is on, and Ann recently had a fun-filled bachelorette party with her friends!

Boosting Energy & Banishing Bloating

Kiesha was in her 40s and experiencing   symptoms like severe bloating, gas, reflux, insomnia, chronic yeast infections, itchiness, and strong body odor. Our practitioner discovered numerous hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and more. Thirty days into our program, she was feeling great, with more energy and physical strength than she had in years, and no bloating or itchiness. After 60 days, Kiesha made such huge overall improvements, she was able to discontinue her previous pain management routine with no issues!

Shedding Pounds, Gaining Energy: A Complete Transformation

Dawn had been overweight all of her life. She also had trouble sleeping, low energy, and struggled to lose any weight at all. Thanks to a customized nutrition plan designed to target systemic inflammation, Dawn lost 7 pounds within 20 days. Sticking with our program improved her sleep quality, her overall energy, and continued her weight loss. Within three months, sustainable dietary changes helped Dawn lose so much weight that she could wear her wedding ring on her thumb!

Freedom From Food Sensitivities in Only 2 Weeks

Derek had seen multiple doctors for two years with symptoms like bloating, headaches and migraines, muscle cramps, and severe allergies. Working with our practitioner, Derek discovered multiple food sensitivities – including foods like garlic that he thought were healthy additions to his diet. Within 2 weeks of working with us to eliminate trigger foods from his diet, his symptoms were gone, inflammation was down, and his energy was through the roof!

The stories shared here are just a few examples of the amazing transformations our clients have experienced. While your own wellness journey and results will be unique, the powerful impact of a holistic approach on whole-body health is universal. 

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