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Weight loss

weight loss

Millions of adults want to lose weight. Whether you want to get healthy, look better, fit into your clothes, or make an impression at the reunion, motivation is one of the most important elements to successfully begin losing weight. Quick fixes, however, are not the answer, especially if you’re suffering with health problems that are impeding your weight-loss efforts.

If a weight-loss method seems too good to be true, it probably is. A holistic method of weight loss includes a strong support team, a customized lifestyle plan, and the willingness to embrace weight loss in body, mind, and soul for long-lasting results.

Weight Loss: More Than Just Eating Less and Exercising More

Losing weight is not easy, especially when you reach a certain age or face chronic conditions that prevent you from exercising regularly or streamlining your diet. The good news is that your typical limitations don’t have to stop you from succeeding at weight loss. You can work around what normally gets in the way of dropping pounds – and fix a few other health problems along the way.

One of the most important things to realize is that the body you’re living in may be the thing that’s preventing you from seeing the numbers drop on the scale. Weight loss isn’t just about eating less and exercising more. Weight loss is a lifestyle change – but you must make the right lifestyle adjustments to truly make a difference.

The Whole-Body Approach to Weight Loss

How many times have you tried to lose weight? Maybe you’ve even kept it off for a little while, but you haven’t had lasting results. A holistic weight loss program takes into consideration every element of your life – from work to home to eating habits to movement to current health – to develop a customized, effective weight loss plan that is works for you, permanently.

The holistic approach to weight loss isn’t just about dropping the number on the scale, it’s about making you healthy from top to bottom, inside and out, so you not only lose weight but feel better in all ways. A customized holistic weight loss plan typically includes:

  • Nutritional guidance: Of course, weight and diet are a tight pair. Nutrition management is the cornerstone of weight loss. Intuitively, you know that you need to eat less and eat better to make a dent in your weight, but it can be hard to change what you buy at the grocery store and how you prepare meals. A holistic nutrition program guides you in developing a meal plan, gathering recipes, and preparing a menu you can follow easily and happily.
  • Exercise routine: Dropping pounds isn’t all about sweating buckets on the treadmill. Your fitness method should be designed for your body and account for any physical limitations you may have. Some people will thrive with high cardio, others do better with a walking plan and weight training. A holistic exercise routine is kind to your body, realistic to maintain, and contributes to measurable results.
  • Lifestyle changes: Altering your habits isn’t easy, especially when it comes to lifestyle and environment. But even if you have a desk job, your holistic wellness practitioner will help you figure out ways to move. He or she will help you establish a better sleep routine. You can’t change your body unless you dedicate every area of your life to being healthier – that is the holistic message: full-body wellness.

Are You Ready to Lose Weight Permanently?

Seeing weight-loss results will give you the motivation to continue doing the hard work to get healthy, mind and body. At Ann Arbor Holistic Health in Ann Arbor, we get to know you in all ways before we design a customized weight loss plan. Even if you have physical or medical limitations, you can succeed in reaching your weight loss goals.

Weight loss is a healing process. Through comprehensive allergy testing, we find out what is wreaking havoc on your system and preventing you from dropping the weight. These findings allow us to truly figure out what to remove that isn’t working in your lifestyle, replace it with better alternatives, support you in your weight loss efforts, and celebrate the positive changes you make.

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive weight loss evaluation. Allow your body to heal. Allow us to help you get to a place of whole-body wellness.