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Celebrities with Autoimmune Conditions

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Celebrities suffering with autoimmune conditions give a face to their diseases. Selma Blair has multiple sclerosis (MS). Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s disease. Tom Hanks has diabetes. Articles and interviews feature these celebs and show them learning how to live with their diagnosis. What is sometimes missing, however, is an examination of how holistic health …

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5 Facts About Hashimoto’s Disease

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When your body’s antibodies wage war on your thyroid gland, it causes the autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto’s disease. Living with this condition is exhausting, draining, and can feel insurmountable. This attack on your thyroid, however, can be overcome with holistic care and support. 1. Hashimoto’s disease changes its form. Hashimoto’s disease begins as hyperthyroidism. …

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The Role of Digestive Enzymes


Loomis 24 Hours Urinalysis The 24 hour urinalysis according to Loomis is a very important test used as part of a method to determine enzyme deficiencies. This test is not a medical diagnostic test. It prognostic rather than diagnostic. It is fundamentally about Digestive Competency. In other words, this test provides foresight as to what may …

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Enzymes and the Pain of Arthritis


Health is mobility. If your joints are like “rusty door hinges,” creaking, sticking and not moving, your camping trip will likely not happen because you have arthritis. Other people liken the pain of arthritis to a fire in the joints burning and constantly inflaming their tissues. Others use words like “gritty,” “grinding” and “popping” to …

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