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Digestion & Nutrition – Process of Healing

What is hindering the body’s ability to return to homeostasis, the state of balance wherein all bodily functions are working in harmony? The answer lies in the body’s inability to absorb, assimilate and utilize the nutrients it needs from food as well as to eliminate all the waste associated with digestion.

Every person is affected differently by the intersection of age, gravity, stress, and genetics. When the body is subjected to constant stress, it is depleted of vital nutrients and doesn’t have what it needs to heal, nourish and balance to avoid illness.

What you eat is important, but it’s what happens to food after you eat it that’s even more important. If your body can’t absorb your food’s essential nutrients because of a compromised digestive system, you can eat the healthiest diet imaginable and still not receive adequate nutrition to keep your body healthy. Enzyme Nutrition is a process that can restore a compromised digestive system.

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We suggest a three-step return to well-being:

  • a 24-hour urinalysis
  • a 12-hour-fasting reflex exam
  • a “signs & symptoms” survey

This approach, combined with specific supplements and nutritional lifestyle changes like healthy eating, diet, and exercise can can lead to a better life.

Urinalysis: After collecting urine, the interpretation of this test provides objective bio-insight into your wellness. If a substance does not appear in the urine, we know the body needs it and is retaining it. Conversely, if there are higher levels of substances than should be present in the urine (plus substances that shouldn’t be there at all), we know the body is eliminating them. If we see undesirable substances in the urine, we know they are in the body, too. The urinalysis is a prognostic test rather than a diagnostic test, in that it can predict what diseases might occur if the situation remains untreated.

12-hour-fasting reflex exam: After fasting, we’ll measures 30 pressure points that help identify nutritional deficiencies. As each pressure point is manipulated, you are asked for a response. After all points are measured, a plant-based nutritional drink is administered. After you have digested the drink (roughly 45 minutes), the pressure points are retested to see which points duplicate the initial responses.

Signs and symptoms survey: We gain a wide range of information about your health, habits, and history with this assessment. It starts with basic information like medical history and diet, then goes deeper with questions about your immune system and your ability to heal, your state of mind, and digestion.

These three tests, taken as a whole, provide a complete overview of the body’s condition. We’ll take the information we get from the personal survey to help us schedule two follow-up visits: One for a statement of findings and action steps, and the other two-to-three weeks later for a full follow-up.